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 Veeramae Vaagai Soodum Movie

Veeramae Vaagai Soodum is a 2022 Indian Tamil-language cop action thriller film written and directed by Thu Pa Saravanan and produced by Vishal under the banner of Vishal Film Factory. The film features Vishal and Dimple Hayathi in the lead roles. Vishal plays the role of a common man


Veeramae Vaagai Soodum
Directed by Thu Pa Saravanan
Written by Thu Pa Saravanan
Pon Parthiban (Additional Dialogues)
Produced by Vishal
  • Vishal
  • Dimple Hayathi
Cinematography Gurukanciram
Edited by N. B. Srikanth
Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja
Vishal Film Factory
Malik Streams Corporation
Distributed by SSI Productions (Tamil Nadu)
AV Media Consultancy (Karnataka)
Release date
  • 4 February 2022
Running time
166 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil
Box office  7.40 crore 


  • Vishal as Purushottam a.k.a. Porus
  • Dimple Hayathi as Mythili, Porus's love interest
  • Yogi Babu as Thalapathy
  • Baburaj as Nedunchezhian
  • Raveena Ravi as Dwaraka, Porus's sister
  • G. Marimuthu as Porus's and Dwaraka's father
  • K. S. G. Venkatesh as Mythili's father
  • V. I. S. Jayapalan as Nedunchezhian’s father
  • Billy Muralee as Nedunchezhian's henchman
  • Akilan S. Pushparaj
  • Raja Chembolu as Neelakantham
  • R. N. R. Manohar as Kaatamuthu
  • Elango Kumaravel as Parishuddam
  • Kavitha Bharathi
  • Vazhakku En Muthuraman
  • Tulasi as Porus's and Dwaraka's mother


Our reality is certifiably not a fair spot for the average person. It's not equivalent. The frameworks are bad. Regulations are abused. Power is manhandled, and obligations paid off. As everyday citizens, we are frequently told to disregard what's going on around us. We are approached to release it, flee. Yet, how far would you be able to run? Imagine a scenario where, at some point, it contacts you. Then, at that point, is it flight or battle?

It is a significant inquiry to have, particularly in present circumstances. Furthermore the film contends that the response is the title - - Veerame Vaagai Soodum (which generally means fortune inclines toward the bold). VVS has three distinct stories where the everyday person is fizzled by the framework, and badgering by the strong. One is the account of Dwaraka (Raveena Ravi) and her loved ones. Her sibling Porus (Vishal) is a hot-headed police applicant, her dad is a constable. Indeed, even that doesn't get the framework to prevent her from being bugged by the neighborhood great. Second is Divya (Deepthi) who is coerced by her well off, compelling school mates for a situation of retribution pornography.

Thirdly, there is Parisuddham (Kumaravel), an extremist battling against a plant that is dirtying his town. This story is especially intriguing in light of the fact that Parisuddham puts stock in not hanging tight for a deliverer. "No god will come and save us, we really want to battle this ourselves," he announced before a group. But, his most utilized illustration is an account of a mosquito and a lion. Calling himself a mosquito, Parisuddham claims that his strong foes could possibly crush him. In any case, they will not have the option to stop the lion which will ultimately defy them, and destroy them. So much for taking on one's own conflicts.

VVS is reliably impeded by such problems. Practically the whole final part of the film has the scoundrel submitting a few homicides to lose Porus. The explanation we get is that, assuming Porus discovers what his identity is, the scoundrel's political desires will be destroyed. The less difficult thing is kill Porus himself, however our miscreant likes to play a find the stowaway game and murder various individuals since he accepts this is simpler to cover. (Whut?!) And, Porus - - the apparently everyday person who has at long last put his foot down to the foul play occurring around him - - is no common man by the same token. He is advertised up, even by cops on his chase. So the reason of a 'average person' retaliating feels like a sham. The genuine average citizens in this film, just appear to be sitting tight for the Hero's appearance.

The ladies in this film, fortunately, end up being of an importance to the story. However, that doesn't actually improve their characters generally that. The philosophical irregularities follow their direction here too. In a snapshot of grandiosity, Mythili (Dimple Hayathi) criticizes her partner for being too 'coy' with their male predominant. "Regardless of whether they regard us or sneer at us, relies upon us," she says empathically. Yet, this 'punch discourse' doesn't have any significant bearing to different ladies in this film who are annoyed by men, simply on the grounds that their inner selves are dismissed. There's likewise a grouping of Mythili and Porous claiming to engage in relations, since they need Mythili's folks to concur for their wedding. Yet, this doesn't keep the film from alluringly peeling Mythili off her saree before they lie on the bed paying attention to music on discrete earphones. Discuss problems.

All things considered, there is a work to support everything. I preferred how the account attempted to give motivation to the more modest minutes and portends it. In any case, these don't connect every one of the provisos. The film needs to have a go at a novel, new thing yet isn't prepared to relinquish its dated banalities. Very much like the way in which it needs its legend to be an everyday person, except deals with him like the commonplace film vigilante. The film contends that fortitude is sufficient to win. Be that as it may, it isn't to the point of being striking; one likewise should be shrewd. Sadly, the film flops on that front.

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