Kadaisi Vivasayi


 Kadaisi Vivasayi Tamil Movie

The last active farmer in a remote village tries to hold out against a property developer.
Kadaisi Vivasayi Tamil Movie

Kadaisi Vivasayi Tamil Movie Details

Kadaisi Vivasayi
Directed byM. Manikandan
Written byM. Manikandan
Produced byM. Manikandan
Vijay Sethupathi
Yogi Babu
Raichal Rabecca Philip
CinematographyM. Manikandan
Edited byB. Ajithkumar
Music bySanthosh Narayanan Richard Harvey
Tribal Arts Production
Distributed byVijay Sethupathi Productions
7Cs Entertainment
Release date
  • 11 February 2022

Kadaisi Vivasayi Movie Cast

  • Vijay Sethupathi as Ramaiah
  • Yogi Babu as an elephant mahout
  • Nallandi as Mayandi, a farmer
  • Muneeshwaran
  • Kali Muthu
  • Chaplin Sundar
  • Dr. Raichal Rabecca Philip as Magistrate

Kadaisi Vivasayi Movie Ott Release date

Vijay Sethupathi's 'Kadaisi Vivasayi' to stream on OTT from March 11

Kadaisi Vivasayi Movie Review

M Manikandan's most recent executive Kadaisi Vivasayi, as the title proposes, is the tale about the last rancher left in a town, which once had a flourishing cultivating local area. The film spins around the rancher Mayandi, played by a magnificent Nallandi, a non-proficient actor whose unpretentious exhibition is inspiring and pulverizing without a moment's delay.

With the increasing expense of cultivating, exhausting water assets and present day work potential open doors, cultivating in the town is very nearly annihilation. Other people who cultivated huge lots of terrains in the past surrendered even with enormous financial difficulties. They offered their ranches to the land sharks and agreed to less significant exchanges for a simple pay. Notwithstanding, the widespread annihilation of farming in the town addresses its most prominent difficulty in structure a thin, dinosaur of a man, Mayandi.
A realtor attempts to convince Mayandi to sell his piece of horticultural land by offering him multiple times what he paid others in the town. "Every other person sold their territory for Rs 3 lakh. I will get you Rs 7 lakh for your territory. Offer it to me," the realtor tells Mayandi. "For what reason do you need to go through such a difficult situation? Take the cash and spend the rest of your life as a ruler."
Mayandi, thusly, poses him a basic inquiry: "It is a result of that land that I get up each day to inundate it. Assuming I surrender it, how could I get up toward the beginning of the day?" It's profound. Mayandi is posing a timeless inquiry. Dealing with the land and keeping it ripe gives his life meaning; it is his motivation to get up every morning. The land addresses more than its fairly estimated worth to Mayandi. It isn't simply a monetary legacy, it addresses the social, social, and otherworldly memory of his genealogy. For Mayandi, selling his territory is on par with passing on. What's more, he needs to live, so he can safeguard his legacy however not for the cash. He is the last any desire for an antiquated practice that keeps on supporting life on the earth.

Despondent by his inability to draw Mayandi with cash and solace, the realtor tells his chief: "He's excessively antiquated. Throughout the previous forty years, he's in need of a hearing aide thus he has not acquired information on (the world). That is the reason it's difficult to mislead him."

The disarray and disappointment of the realtor say a lot of our present quandary: information is a revile. In this data age, we have all the data we really want readily available but we are lost.

Mayandi might appear to be less educated and his life could appear to be unremarkable. In any case, investigate, he's blissful, solid, and autonomous.
For Mayandi, nothing is unrealistic. Ramaiah, played by Vijay Sethupathi, is accepted to have gone distraught over his dead darling by different townspeople. In a scene, a gathering of townspeople giggle at Ramaiah when he lets them know he met Bill Gates while heading to the town and talked with him. No one accepts him until they hear on the radio that Gates is visiting Tamil Nadu for his foundation. When Ramaiah lets Mayandi know that he met Lord Murugan, Mayandi asks him, "What did he say?"

The rancher doesn't question anybody or judges individuals' accounts with his own inclination. He simply pays attention to them with compassion. For, he knows, each individual has his own reality.

Manikandan handles the inquiries regarding God, confidence and the possibility of amazing quality. One elderlly man shows a stone in no place and tells a youngster, "This is our divinity?" The young fellow inquires, "Doesn't our god have a symbol?" The old says, "No, we don't." They just accept the stone is their god, and their confidence works everything out. Their divinities are individuals who lived among them and accomplished the most elevated level of awareness. "We accept that when one rises above thought, he becomes god," says the elderly person.

Ramaiah is on his own way of profound amazing quality. Also, just Mayandi sees it.

Kadaisi Vivasayi is presently gushing on SonyLiv.

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