Pandrikku Nandri Solli


Pandrikku Nandri Solli Movie

Pandrikku Nandri Solli is a 2022 Indian Tamil-language black comedy film directed by Bala Aran and produced by Vignesh Selvaraj under the banner Head Media Works. The film stars Joe Malloori and newcomers Nishanth and Vijay Sathya in the lead roles.


Pandrikku Nandri Solli
Directed by Bala Aran
Written by Bala Aran
Produced by Vignesh Selvaraj
Starring Joe Malloori
Vijay Sathya
Cinematography Vignesh Selvaraj
Edited by Ram
Music by Suren Vikhash
Head Media Works
Distributed by SonyLIV
Release date
  • 4 February 2022
Country India
Language Tamil


  • Joe Malloori
  • Nishanth as Devaraj
  • Vijay Sathya
  • Balaji Rathinam
  • Chella as Jaffer
  • Viyan
  • Baskar
  • Auto Chandran


Pandrikku Nandri Solli is a famous discourse expressed by Vadivelu in the film Imsai Arasan 23 M Pulikesi. Whenever the producers reported it as a film's title with its trailer rotating around a surprising pig sculpture, it aroused the curiousity of film buffs. The movie starts with a noteworthy movement arrangement which portrays the story behind a supernatural pig sculpture which was made some place in China in the twelfth century. Yange Lee, a specialist who is accepted to have supernatural abilities, visited the Chola realm and gave over the sculpture to Sendhan, who saved his life.

Yang requested that Sendhan hand over the sculpture to an honorable man before his passing. Be that as it may, in spite of sitting tight for a long time, the last option couldn't observe any individual who was commendable to the point of possessing the sculpture. A few centuries after the fact, the sculpture was recuperated from Tamil Nadu-Kerala line by a couple of archeologists.

Be that as it may, it got moved to better places in the range of a couple of years after many understood its fantastic powers. Vidhimurugan, a cop and Sagavaram, a criminal are after the sculpture now. In the interim, Deva, a trying movie producer, portrays a story to a maker. However dazzled with the story, the maker requests that Deva offer the story to him as a trade-off for a fair sum. Curiously, the individual who has been alloted by the maker to give up the cash to him is Sagavaram.

Deva, who goes to gather cash from Sagavaram, gets the shock of his life when he observes the last option and Vidhi Murugan clashing with one another. Little did Deva had any idea that he has been conveying an idea with him which both Vidhimurugan and Sagavaram have been looking for.

Incapable to trust the two of them, Deva attempts to escape from the spot, yet to no end. With no choice left, he, as well, goes along with them and begin chasing after the pig sculpture.

The skinny plot has a couple of fascinating minutes and interesting groupings at circumstances where we wouldn't dare hoping anymore. The non-straight portrayal keeps us snared at specific cases, while it tests tolerance and becomes dreary at a couple of events. The exhibitions of lead entertainers - Nishanth, Vijay Sathya, Balaji Rathinam, Chella, Viyan and Baskar - are okayish, however the suggestive screenplay figures out how to compensate for it to a degree.
However charming arrangement of occasions can override endorsed characters in a wrongdoing parody, we are neither ready to associate with the hero's craving for filmmaking nor are we persuaded regarding his covetousness for cash. However, a portion of the exciting bends in the road work,

The specialized viewpoints, as well, aren't incredible. Suren Vikhash's experience score works in a couple of successions and Vignesh Selvaraj's cinematography dazzles just in a modest bunch of scenes. The 100-minute run time is one of the benefits of the film which works in parts due to the anticipation filled screenplay. The movie additionally helps us to remember a huge number of Tamil movies which managed comparative topics before.

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