The Grudge 2020

Muldoon, a detective and single mother, investigates a murder in a suburban neighbourhood. Soon, she realises that the house in which the incident occurred is cursed by an evil force.

The Grudge Movie Info

Directed by

Takashi Shimizu

Produced by

  • Sam Raimi
  • Robert Tapert
  • Takashige Ichise

Screenplay by

Stephen Susco

Based on

Ju-On: The Grudge
by Takashi Shimizu


  • Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • Jason Behr
  • KaDee Strickland
  • Clea DuVall
  • Bill Pullman

Music by

Christopher Young


Hideo Yamamoto

Edited by

Jeff Betancourt


  • Columbia Pictures
  • Ghost House Pictures

Distributed by

  • Sony Pictures Releasing
  • Herald Film Company (Japan)

Release date

October 22, 2004 (United States)

Running time

91 minutes


United States


  • English
  • Japanese


$10 million

Box office

$187.2 million

The Grudge Movie Cast 

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Karen Davis, an exchange student
  • Jason Behr as Doug McCarthy, Karen's boyfriend, who attends the University of Tokyo and works at a local Tokyo restaurant as a waiter to make ends meet.
  • KaDee Strickland as Susan Williams, Matt's younger sister and a businesswoman who he joins in Tokyo along with his wife and mother.
  • William Mapother as Matt Williams, who relocates to Tokyo for a promotion
  • Clea DuVall as Jennifer Williams, Matt's wife
  • Grace Zabriskie as Emma Williams, Matt and Susan's mother and Jennifer's mother-in-law who has severe lethargy with mild dementia.
  • Bill Pullman as Peter Kirk, a college professor working in Tokyo and Kayako's secret love and obsession.
  • Rosa Blasi as Maria Kirk, Peter's wife
  • Ted Raimi as Alex Jones, the director of the care center where Yoko and Karen are stationed
  • Ryo Ishibashi as Det. Nakagawa, a Japanese detective who covered the murders at the Saeki Family House with his partners.
  • Yōko Maki as Yoko, a Japanese care worker assigned to care for Emma Williams
  • Takako Fuji as Kayako Saeki, a married woman who is attracted to Peter Kirk.
  • Yuya Ozeki as Toshio Saeki, Kayako and Takeo Saeki's 7-year-old son.
  • Takashi Matsuyama as Takeo Saeki, Kayako's husband and Toshio's father.

The Grudge Movie Plot 

The Grudge portrays a revile that is conceived when somebody kicks the bucket in the grasp of outrageous fierceness or distress. The revile is an element made where the individual passed on. The individuals who experience this powerful power kick the bucket, and the revile is reawakened more than once, passing from one casualty to another in a perpetual, developing chain of repulsiveness. The accompanying occasions are clarified in their genuine request, notwithstanding, the film is introduced in a nonlinear story. 

In 2001, Kayako Saeki, a housewife living in rural Tokyo, is enamored with school teacher Peter Kirk, fanatically expounding on him in a journal. Her better half Takeo gets envious as he finds the journal and accepts that Kayako is engaging in extramarital relations with another man. Takeo ruthlessly kills her, their young child Toshio, and the pet feline Mar angrily. After Takeo shrouds the bodies in the house, Kayako's apparition hangs him. 

In the wake of accepting a letter from Kayako, Peter visits the Saeki house just to discover both her and Takeo's carcasses alongside Toshio's phantom. Stunned, he runs away from the area and ends it all the following day. The rest of the Saeki family rise again as apparitions because of the revile, remarkably Kayako, who shows up as an onryō. 

In 2004, the Williams family from America move into the Saeki house. While Matt is excited with the house, his significant other Jennifer and dementia-ridden mother Emma feel awkward. Matt and Jennifer are immediately devoured by the revile. Yoko, a consideration laborer, shows up at the house to discover Emma alone before she experiences Kayako, who hauls her up into the upper room. 

Worried about Yoko's vanishing, her manager Alex sends another consideration laborer, Karen Davis, to assume control over the consideration of Emma. At the house, Karen finds Toshio fixed up in a closet and later on witnesses Kayako's soul slipping from the roofs to guarantee Emma. 

Alex shows up at the house soon after and discovers Emma dead and Karen in a condition of stun. Alex calls the police, with the presence of Detective Nakagawa. In the storage room, Nakagawa and his accomplice Igarashi discover Matt and Jennifer's bodies, alongside a human's lower jaw. Then, Matt's sister, Susan, is sought after by Kayako around her place of business. At home, Kayako assaults her and she evaporates. While going home, Alex is executed by Yoko's jawless body. 

Kayako starts frequenting Karen, who advises her beau Doug of the circumstance. Karen explores the house, in the end standing up to Nakagawa, who clarifies that three of his partners researching the Saeki passings were completely devoured by the revile. That evening, Nakagawa conveys gas into the house trying to torch it, yet is executed by Takeo. Subsequent to discovering that Doug has dared to the Saeki house to search for her, Karen races there. She discovers Doug incapacitated and endeavors to escape with him. Kayako creeps down the steps and locks onto Doug, who bites the dust of stun. As Kayako shut in, Karen sees the fuel and lights it. 

Karen endures and in the clinic, she discovers that the house additionally endure the fire. Visiting Doug's body, Karen understands that she is as yet frequented by Kayako.

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