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Movie review: Action, humor, fighting make up ‘Mortal Kombat’

In case you're a 80s child, you most likely played the Mortal Kombat computer game as a high schooler. Presently, the film is in theaters and on request, and however much it is engaging, it comes up short on a class center.

Activity, humor and a ton of battling make up the film "Mortal Kombat." 

It starts hundreds of years prior when Hanzo Hasashi's family is murdered when Bi-Han looks for vengeance. Numerous ages later, Hanzo's ancestry is a MMA contender and needs to fight the very man that murdered Hanzo's family. It's an extraordinary tale about requital, and the film gradually acquaints you with the Mortal Kombat characters. 

Nonetheless, the film makes a decent attempt to be interesting and genuine simultaneously. The battling scenes are extraordinary, yet over and over again humor is dropped in at some unacceptable time, and that detracts from the film. 

Generally speaking, it is engaging and will feel nostalgic, in spite of a level conveyance on occasion.

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